Please send us your micro poems! 

We are excited to announce that we are using Instagram as a digital publishing platform. Our hope with this is to explore this new “genre” of writing—writing that is precise as well as constrained and informed by the limits of Instagram.

All submitted pieces must fit into a single-page format suitable for posting on Instagram. How the pieces look are totally up to you. As long as its square format and readable on Instagram, it is eligible for publication. Please note: A larger font size (16 pt+) is desired, 20 lines and less.

Feel free to upload 10 pieces per submission! There is no limit on how much you can submit. Plz submit to your heart's desire!

If you enjoy this series and want to support our press, please consider purchasing the books/ e-books that we pour our love into via our website: Alternatively, there is an OPTION below to make a small donation to us. Funds will be used to help cover the pricey annual fees associated with running this Submittable account. Please keep in mind Submittable keeps $1.25 per submission.

Thank-you for trusting us as a place to feature your work.


Luv, Metatron

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.