Metatron Press (2013) is an independent publisher based in Montréal, QC that specializes in contemporary literature by new and emerging authors.

We are devoted to publishing perspectives that reflect the experiences and sensibilities of our time. We seek out emotionally-resonant work that challenges and informs a new direction and style of contemporary writing.

We specifically encourage submissions from anyone living on the margins of the imperialist, capitalist, ableist, hetero-normative, patriarchal, white-supremacist machine (bell hooks). We love to read submissions from 'woke banshees', women, femmes, BIPOC, LGBTQ, gender nonconforming people, people with disability/ies and anyone else living on the margins seeking an encouraging and safe environment to showcase their work and/or the work of their community. If you identify as such and wish for us to know, please include the information in your submission.

We look forward to reading your work, and thank you in advance for trusting us as a space to feature it :)


Get your manuscripts ready! Our annual writing prize is offically back and open for submissions! We’re looking for brave, cutting-edge and spirited collections of poetry, fiction, non-fiction and hybrid literature that marches to its own drum for this year's Metatron Prize for Rising Authors. This year, we are ecstatic to announce our Guest Judges are two of our favourite contemporary writers and thinkers: CAConrad and Anne Boyer!

1st place: $500, publishing contract, book bundle
2nd place: $200, book bundle
3rd place: $100, book bundle

The winning manuscript of this year’s Metatron Prize will be awarded $500, a contract to be published with Metatron in 2019, and book blurbs from our guest judges. Second and third place manuscripts will receive a cash prize and book bundles. In addition, all twelve (12) longlisted pieces will be considered for publication, receive a feature in a special Metatron Prize issue of ÄLPHÄ and author promotion on our social media platforms.

The Metatron Prize was founded in 2015 and has contributed to three fantastic debut collections: number one earth by jasper avery (October 2018), Soft Focus by Sarah Jean Grimm and Pony Castleby Sofia Banzhaf. We’ve also published an array of titles that have come to us as through reading for the prize.

Submissions are open from July 15th 2018 to September 15th 2018.This year’s winner will receive $500 (CAD), a publishing contract with Metatron, and a selection of Metatron books. The winning manuscript will be published in 2018.

Please note that 'Rising Authors' is meant to encourage applicants to submit who are at the beginning stages of their writing careers. We recommend that applicants submit if: 

  • You have no books/chapbooks published
  • You have a couple chapbooks published
  • You have a book published with a small, independent publisher

In short, if you identify as 'Rising', then please submit! The Metatron Prize is open to applicants any and everywhere in the world. 

Your submission should be long enough to become a full-length printed book, a minimum of about 30 typed pages. There is no maximum page length, but please keep in mind our books typically range from 48-150 pages.

***If you’d like to donate a Reading Fee to someone who can’t afford it, please consider donating a Submission Fee. Simply just submit a blank form with 'Reading Fee Donation' in the Title.  If you can’t afford the submission fee, please email us and we will gladly connect you with financial assistance.***


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